33 iPad and iPhone apps for students with special needs


Here at SpecialEdTech.net we are always looking for valuable resources for our readers, and recently found out about a great one: educatorstechnology.com. This website is a frequently-updated blog which lists and reviews ed tech tools. The site recently posted a list of iPad apps for students with special needs, which includes apps to deal with dyslexia, autism, visual impairments, and difficulty reading and writing. We have updated it and added more information for your convenience.

Apps for Learners with Dyslexia

Sound LiteracyAllows users to manipulate alphabet and phoneme tiles. Does not have audible playback. $9.99
Phonics GeniusOver 6000 words by phonics sounds. Provides audible playback and customization. Highly rated.Free
What is DyslexiaHelps you understand dyslexia. Includes a video and a quiz.Free
Dyslexia QuestGames to test memory and learning skills.$9.99
Happy Math Multiplication RhymesSupports cognitive memorization of the multiplication facts.Free
Read 2 MeAllows full speech synthesis for an entire library of texts including your *.txt files.$4.99
Phonics with PhonogramsProvides a complete picture of the phonograms needed to read and spell.$2.99
DyseggxiaGames to combat dyslexia. Targets reading and writing errors specific to dyslexic children.Free
DD's Dictionary: A Dyslexic DictionaryAllows independent discovery of an unknown spelling.Free

Apps for Learners with Autism

Sight WordsFlash card app to practice sight words based on Dolch Word list.$0.99
Sequences for AutismDrag & drop sequences game for children with autism.$4.99
See, Touch, LearnFlash cards with 4400 pictures and 2200 exercises. Lets you create custom lessons.Free
Verbal Me FreeAllows nonverbal kids to touch graphic buttons which “speak” for them.Free
Autism iHelpVocabulary teaching aid designed specifically for children with autism.Free
Autism/DTT ShapesUses Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to teach basic shapes.$7.99
Autism/DTT LettersUses Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to teach the letters of the alphabet, including the difference between upper- and lowercase letters.$6.99
Speech with MiloSpeech therapy tool with animated flash cards. $2.99

Apps for Learners Who Are Visually Impaired

ViA - By Braille InstituteTool to find apps built specifically for, or provide functionality to, users with a visual impairment.Free
Dragon DictationEasy-to-use voice recognition app.Free
Light DetectorTransforms light into sound.$2.79
Color IDUse a iPhone or iPod camera to speak the names of colors in real-time.Free
Tap Tap SeeHelps identify objects using an iPhone camera.Free
Be My Eyes -- Helping Blind SeeAllows sighted person to “see” for a blind person through a live video connection.Free
Talking CalculatorA calculator with large colorful buttons, full VoiceOver support, and the option to use speech for answers, button names, and formulas.$1.99
VoiceTake a picture of anything that has words and Voice will read it to you!Free
Access NoteOfficial iOS notetaker from American Foundation for the Blind. Designed for VoiceOver users; keyboard commands customized for input with both QWERTY and refreshable braille display keyboards.Free
Visual BraillerBraiile editor for iPad.Free
Read 2 MeAllows full speech synthesis for an entire library of texts including your *.txt files.$2.99

Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties

The Writing Machine Introduces pre-literacy concepts including letter recognition and discrimination and how pictures and words go together.$0.99
iWrite WordsTeaches handwriting.$2.99
Letter SchoolTeaches how to write all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.$4.99
Alpha WriterLearn to read write and spell phonetically. Designed on the Montessori method.$4.99
ABC Pocket PhonicsTeaches the basics of reading and writing.$6.99
Word MagicTeaches reading at a preschool level. Award winning.$0.99

Do you have any favorite apps you would like to tell about? Write us at specialedtecheditor@gmail.com.


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