Dance exercise videos for kids


Getting exercise is extremely important for kids, to allow them to focus on studies. It has been called the “most effective drug for ADHD.” If you aren’t able to let your students run around outside as much as you’d like, here are some fun exercise videos on YouTube that the kids can follow while staying in one place in the classroom. These are perfect for showing on a whiteboard or any other device which can show an Internet page on a large screen.

Fitness workout for kids – 5 minutes of workout everyday (Dance Doo Daa)

fundoodaaThis video has dance-like moves and upbeat music with a multicultural flair. It starts gradually but provides some good aerobic workout, with a break in-between to teach the dance moves more slowly.

Just Dance Videos

move itCaptured from the popular “Just Dance” video game series, these videos show how to dance along to popular songs. There are many of them which you can find on YouTube — just search for “Just Dance” on

To engage the class, let them vote on which ones they like, or let willing students lead the class so they can receive positive reinforcement.

Here are some favorites which really get kids moving. You’ll want to monitor the screen to close any ads which might pop up.

Play enough of these and your students will be quite ready to sit down and study!


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