Learning, and teaching other teachers, through EduPaths.org


We are always on the lookout for free or low-cost sources of professional development for teachers, and EduPaths.org is a dandy one. Created in 2016 and funded through a government grant, it offers free courses for teachers in a variety of educational areas, tracks course enrollment and completion, and lets users view and export transcripts.

Courses consist of 15- to 30-minute closed-captioned YouTube videos, and include resources, learning objectives, alignment to educational standards, and pre- and post-tests which can be taken repeatedly.

Courses offer practical classroom tips and are organized in “pathways” such as “Assessment,” “Curriculum,” “Data,” “Early Childhood,” “Foundation,” “Instruction,” “Leadership,” “Out-of-School Time,” and “School Improvement.”

You can also search for courses by topic. For example, a search on “special education” returns “Exploring Paraeducator Roles and Standards,” “Mobymax – Special Educational Curriculum for Certificate of Completion,” and “IEP – Writing Academic Goals using Illuminate Education.”

It’s worth browsing around, because other courses include “Blend and Hold: A Strategy for Children Who Struggle to Decode,” “Strategies and Digital Tools for Non-linguistic Representation of Learning,” and “ADA Website Compliance,” as well as several courses on differentiated instruction, classroom management strategies, and the “Navigating Your Way to Success: Youth, Families, and Schools Aligned and Connected” program funded by the Michigan Department of Education.

There are also courses on using classroom tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Forms, Illuminate, DnA, and PowerTeacherPro.

Adding your voice

If you are interested in sharing your teacherly knowledge, EduPaths.org is open to collaboration and can put your curriculum into a professional format. To find out more, contact edupaths@geneseeisd.org.

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