PlayWorthy: Amplify Fractions


Engagement through humor

It’s always enjoyable to find learning activities which are educationally sound and have good production value, and Amplify Fractions fits the bill.

With stylized animation and humorous story lines, Amplify Fractions provides 49 free lessons which gently guide the learner into the concept of fractions, starting with basic division concepts and ending with multiplying and dividing fractions. They are aligned to the Common Core standards and a variety of state standards.

The program provides customized feedback if the learner makes a mistake and also provides assessment sessions called “Practice” which use a line graph to graphically show progress, visible by both the teacher and the student. As with any good classroom software, teachers can set up and administer classrooms. The lessons are compatible with Google Classroom and with Clever LMS.

The program offers additional lessons, up to the objective of dividing any fractions. They are not free after the first lessons, but are on sale through June 30, 2018 for $4.99 per student, down from $9.99/student, usable through June 2019.

To find out more, watch the webinar, Fraction Challenges for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms, hosted by the Adaptive Math Learning community on




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