Free tools for state-assigned online assessment and analysis


What would you say to a free tool that gives you access to thousands of state-aligned online questions for grades K-12 in math, language arts, social studies and science, and which can automatically grade the answers and graph the results?

Take a look at or Both websites are free to use and popular with teachers, many of whom contribute their own questions to the sites for other teachers’ use.

Shannon Holden was discussed by edtech expert Shannon Holden in an Techtools webinar in August 2018. Holden, long-time assistant principal at Republic Middle School in Republic, Missouri, frequently holds webinars on free tech tools and is an excellent source of ideas about resources.

Edulastic is fully customizable, runs seamlessly on any device, provides immediate feedback to teacher and student, and can be synced with Google Classroom.
It also lets you use assessments made by other teachers asigned with your subject’s standards. You can browse question banks based on the subject, grade level, and standards you choose.

To get started in Edulastic, go to and define your school, subject, and grade. You can then easily create a class. Students needn’t have emails to log in. Edulastic generates usernames and passwords for each student, which you can edit.

Edulastic and Edcite both graph the assessment results, so you can see, for each question how the students individually and also how the class did as a whole.


Graph of test results in Edulastic


You can control whether or not students receive immediate feedback. Students can retake assessments and teachers can personalize feedback to individual students. Answers are saved every few seconds in case connectivity is interrupted.

In addition, you can give questions formatted to your state’s test, such as SBAC, PARCC, etc., and tests can be modified to give students extra time. The browser can also be locked down so students cannot exit the program to look for answers.

For more information, see the webinar here or join’s Tech Tools for the Classroom community. You can also follow Holden at @NewTeacherHelp on Twitter.


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