Paths to leadership for special education teachers


Dr. Belva C. Collins

Special education teachers naturally make good leaders because they have knowledge that other teachers don’t, in the way of professional preparation, experience, empathy, access to resources, passon, and standards, said Dr. Belva C, Collins, professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the University of Kentucky in a recent webinar.

If you are a special education teacher, Collins tells how to become a leader without leaving your teaching position. In her book, “Eight Paths to Special Education Leadership: A Guide for Special Educators,” Collins advises special education teachers to consider one or more of the following paths and gives advice on how to succeed:

  1. Making data-based decisions and conducting classroom research
  2. Effecting schoolwide change
  3. Mentoring other teachers and paraprofessionals
  4. Conducting professional development and consultations
  5. Working effectively with families
  6. Supporting students during transitions
  7. Advocating for students
  8. Connecting with professional organizations that address disability-related concerns

Her book is available through Brookes Publishing Co., and you can receive a discount on the book until the end of December 2018 by using the coupon code, EDWEBBC.

Find out more by viewing the recording of the webinar, Eight Paths to Special Education Leadership.


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