PlayWorthy: National Geographic Kids


With good production value and a wide selection of games, videos, and activities, National Geographic Kids has much to offer about animals, culture and history, the environment, exploration and adventure, science and innovation, and travel. Some of the action games are mindless, but there are some truly outstanding offerings. Check out Videos, Explore, and Explorer Academy in the menu bar.

Here are a few highlights but there are many more:

  • On the Trail of Captain John Smith: Tells the story of Jamestown and Captain John Smith. Has a cartoon format with captions, excellent narration, music, and sound effects, and relevant, interesting mini-games. Tip: Put the browser window in full-screen format so the captions are big enough to read.

    “Build the Fort” mini-game from “On the Trail of Captain John Smith”

  • Personality quizzes: Take a quiz to find out who you are most like as an inventor, Greek god, historical civilization, dinosaur, planet, time period, threatened animal, and much more.
  • Funny Fill-Ins: Like Madlibs, this asks students to provide nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, places, past-tense verbs, verbs ending with -ing, etc., then produces a funny story. There are many choices of stories.
  • Dung Beetle Derby: Help a dung beetle move along by solving mini-puzzles, and learn dung beetle facts along the way.
  • Crack the Code: Shows how ciphers work and displays correct spelling of words.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Use a cipher to decode clues on a series of postcards to see where they’re sent from.
  • Letter Predator: Hangman with dinosaurs.
  • Krill Smackdown: Learn about the geography of the Antarctic, its animals and what they eat as you explore the sea to help krill find eggs.
  • Videos: There are a ton of high-quality videos about animals, how things work, weird but true facts, experiment ideas, and much more. Videos are short — 1 or 2 minutes at most.

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