tidbITs: Newsela and Insert Learning



For good or for bad, now is an incredibly interesting and important time to follow the news. What with fake news stories and slanted reporting, it’s crucial that the news we read and give to our young people is reliable and that they understand it.

Newsela is the solution. It presents factual, objective news stories that can be translated into a range of reading levels, and that come with standards-aligned quizzes, writing prompts, and other activities. You can assign these stories to students or let students browse the site at will. By default, the site features stories most likely to appeal to young people, but it’s easy to search on any topic desired.

Many of the stories are free; a paid subscription unlocks all the stories and advanced site features.

Newsela allows readers to translate articles into several reading levels

Insert Learning

Insert Learning is a Chrome extension that allows teachers to turn any web page into an interactive lesson that can be assigned to students. On any web page you can insert sticky notes (which can contain images and links to other sites), questions, and class discussions.

Insert Learning also provides a public library of lessons that other teachers have created, which you can use for your own students. To guide in lesson design, Insert Learning provides several lesson templates with instructions for the students, along with suggested questions for guided reading.


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