Exercise breaks for remote learning


If you are teaching remotely, exercise breaks are a must! Studies show that children, particularly those with ADHD, do much better when they have a chance to get physical exercise. It can be a good way to lessen challenging behavior before it starts.
Here are some tools to increase motor engagement and physical exercises:

  • Move It Google extension (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/move-it/kopilngnmfklhhjocdfdlokmodibcbmk?hl=en-US.) This is a great reminder to take a short brain break. Simply add the Move It extension to your browser, set the notification level, and your screen will present you with a random brain break and exercise to complete. Once you complete it, hit Done and the next break will arrive after the designated interval.
  • Go Noodle (gonoodle.com/) provides hundreds of hours of fun exercise videos for kids.
  • YouTube provides a variety of children’s workout videos, such as Patty Shukla, FundoodaaTV, Cosmic Kids Yoga, and Brain Gym.

NOTE: To play YouTube videos without ads, and without subscribing to YouTube Premium, install an adblocker extension in your Chrome browser, such as AdBlock or AdLock (Google “Ad block extension” for details.)

On other sites, the extension might prevent free content from being displayed, but you can turn extensions on and off. To do so, click the 3 dots in the right of the browser bar, then select Settings > Extensions. Next to each extension is an on/off switch.


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