Guide to college planning for students with disabilities


by Charlotte Pierce

The transition from high school to college is a considerable process that can prove to be a source of significant pressure for students. This transition places particular weight upon those with learning disabilities. More than 200,000 students entering college have a learning disability. The challenges these students face and the accommodations they require can be of great stress. was created to give access to help address the deficits and put degree-seekers on the path to success. It offers open-use guide to help students in each city. The guide covers the advantages and obstacles for students with disabilities, how to find the right program, a list of assistive technology, and more.

Have a look at the guide here:

Guide to College Planning for Students with Disabilities – is an independent organization comprised of a dedicated group of educators, professionals, and authors providing the best resources and advice to assist learners through every step of their education, into their careers, and toward sustainable lifelong learning.


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