PlayWorthy: Assistive technology gameplay


Tar Heel Gameplay, at, has a collection of free, easy-to-play, and accessible interactive games. Each game is speech-enabled and may be accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens and 1 to 3 switches. Gameplay works best in Google Chrome.

Users can create their own games using videos from YouTube. See the tutorial at The editing software is simple and consists of adding an interruption to the video. If the video contains branching storylines, the editing software can be used to insert prompts to jump to different points in the video.

Most of the games are created by users and consist of music videos, kids’ videos, and video game walkthroughs which are interrupted with simple prompts to continue the video. But there are also games which use a switch and some which offer branching plot lines. You can find these by selecting Choice making from the Skill level drop-down menu. For example, see the Slenderman (Scary) game which has an “Any” rating.

There are also more sophisticated games available which do not consist of YouTube videos. See the “New Accessible Games” link on the home page:


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