tidbITS for teachers: Interactive educational videos



Videos can be a great teaching tool, but only if students are paying attention. Interactivity is key to student engagement, and it’s even better when student comprehension can be measured.

EdPuzzle.com is a terrific free tool that makes it easy to add quizzes, notes, and voiceovers to videos, as well as access a wide selection of interactive educational videos, searchable by topic, grade, and country.

Not only can you edit your own videos, but you can also edit the videos from EdPuzzle as well as from YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, TED Talks, Veritasium, Numberphile, and Crash Course.

EdPuzzle video available for editing

For a tutorial, see the YouTube video, A Complete Overview of How to Create and Share Video Lessons via EdPuzzle, by Richard Byrne.

Numberblocks videos

The Numberblocks series of videos, available on Netflix and YouTube, do an awesome job of graphically showing addition and multiplication in an entertaining way, with stories and music videos.

Numberblocks video illustrating the Tens place

Using EdPuzzle.com, you can edit a Numberblocks video from YouTube and insert your own quizzes.


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