tidbITs for teachers: Google Jamboard for SEL


by Kindy Segovia
Assistive Technology Coordinator at Kent ISD, Grand Rapids, MI

Have you been looking for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) activities to make a part of your regular classroom routine? If so, utilize Google Jamboard with these pre-made templates.

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard created by Google. You can get to Google Jamboard in several different ways – log into your Google account and then type jamboard.google.com into your browser, or look for the Chrome app for Jamboard that helps with easy access.

The activities below allow you to check in on your students in a way that values and acknowledges their emotions in an engaging way.

Sample SEL Jamboard activities include:

Checking In – It is important to check in with your students to see how they are doing. Ask your students to indicate how they are feeling with this activity.

Gratitude Jar – As we see in this blog (https://blog.tcea.org/?s=gratitude), students who regularly express gratitude appreciate close relationships and feel better about their life and school. Ask your students what they are grateful for.

How Are You Feeling Rollercoaster – Ask your students to add their name on a sticky note and place it on the spot on the rollercoaster that represents how they are feeling at the moment.

Kindness Challenge – Challenge your students to be kind. Have them list kind things they have done or will do.

Love Your SELFie – This activity will help students with their self-esteem and build their confidence.

Marshmallow Wellness – This activity focuses on your student’s well-being. Once students complete the wellness activity indicated on the marshmallow, they will move it into the hot chocolate.

Three Good Things – Take time and ask students to reflect on good things they have experienced. This activity will help students seek out and amplify positive feelings and experiences.

Worry Monster – Ask your students what they are worried about. Have them type their worries on a sticky note and feed it to the worry monster.

What Went Well? – This activity will show students that you care about them and will help you build and strengthen relationships with them!


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