PlayWorthy (for parents and teachers too!): Sara’s Virtual Relaxation Room


Need to relax but only have a few minutes? Bookmark this awesome virtual relaxation room, which you can share with your students for social emotional learning. Created by Sara Wood of Kent ISD, it’s chock full of activities, including
• Yoga for Couch Potatoes (7 minutes) – click on the towel
• Plank Challenge (5 minutes) — click on the yoga mat
• Touch Pianist — play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata using your keyboard
• Quick, Draw game — Help artificial intelligence recognize your doodles
• Virtual bubble wrap
• WebGL Kaleidoscope
• EarthCam — live video feed from around the world
• Mahjong
• Rubik’s Cube
• Spirograph
• Lava lamp
• Virtual aquarium
• Virtual fireplace with crackling fire sounds
• Virtual forest walk with audio and 360-degree view
• Virtual pine forest with audio and video
• Do nothing 2-minute timer, with ocean sounds
• Interactive generative art
• Soothing music and sleep sounds/white noise
and more!

To learn how to create your own relaxation room for 5 SCECHS, sign up here: Registration open through May 28.

Virtual relaxation room


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