SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

  • Hidden Curriculum On the Go lists the unwritten social rules that most people naturally pick up on but which the learning disabled often do not. Published by Asperger Autism Publishing Society. (Apparently no longer on App Store — we need this!!!)
  • Ripple Effects (, which presents tutorials on a series of topics that the user can choose. Ripple Effects has a version for kids and for teens, and has been shown to increase SEL competencies, improve behavior, reduce absenteeism, and improve grades.
  • Quandary (, a Games for Change 2013 Game of the Year award winner made by the Learning Games Network. Free to play, Quandary presents a game world in which students build a new colony and are faced with ethical dilemmas
  • Zoo U, ( for grades K-5. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and aligned with CASEL (the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning), the game teaches and assesses six areas of SEL: 1) emotion regulation, 2) impulse control, 3) communication, 4) empathy, 5) cooperation, and 6) social initiation (leadership). It does this by presenting a series of role-play scenarios. Stealth assessment occurs as the game measures if and how long it takes the player to do the right thing.