Resources for promoting equity in computer science at your school


by Becky Palmer-Scott

It’s no surprise that there is a lot of opportunity for employment in the computer science (CS) field. Last year there were more than 600,000 high-paying tech jobs across the United States that went unfilled. The White House estimates that by 2018, 51 percent of all STEM jobs will be in CS-related fields.

We need to make sure that all students have equitable access to computer science education, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to succeed and that new software serves diverse needs. See this excellent video about equity in computer science.

In his final State of the Union address in January 2016, President Obama said, “We have to make sure all kids are equipped for the jobs of the future — which means not just being able to work with computers, but developing the analytical and coding skills to power our innovation economy. In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill — it’s a basic skill, right along with the three ‘Rs.”

Since President Obama’s call to action in January 2016, strong momentum for CS education has grown in government and the private sector. This includes:

  • More than $25 million in new grants awarded from the National Science Foundation to support CS education
  • A new CSforAll Consortium of more than 180 organizations. to connect stakeholders with curriculum and resources, as well as track progress toward the goal of Computer Science for All, and
  • New commitments from more than 200 organizations, including the Girl Scouts, and Head Start, to reach more a more diverse student body, provide professional development for teachers, and host family coding nights in diverse settings.

So what can you do?


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